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Help needed please

Please if you have the time write a short message to Andrew Stoner by way of support his email is ''
29th  March 2013

The Hon. Andrew John STONER MP
Member of the Legislative Assembly
Member for Oxley
Deputy Premier, Minister for Trade and Investment, and Minister for Regional Infrastructure and Services Member of the Nationals 
Level 30 Governor Macquarie Tower
1 Farrer Place

Dear Mr Andrew Stoner,
I am writing to you now as the Deputy Premier of NSW. I have previously, since your Coalition was elected, addressed all queries to Mrs Leslie Williams as she is the Member representing the area Don and I were living in when he was killed in 2007.

I do understand how hard it is to go up against the medical profession and some of my greatest heroes are those who have done so and have persevered. I understand that for you to honour your support of the Petition I created and which you supported in 2008 would be hard in the current climate considering how lightly ex doctors such as Patel and Reeves are treated. I do know how the system works as I am in close touch with people injured by these two dreadful men.

For those of us who have someone we love brutalised and killed by gross medical negligence it is no different than if a criminal came along and did the same. In our case as with too many, the errors and negligence and research were so bad they just cannot be tossed off as “mistakes”. There were never any “right turns”.

I have no doubt that Don’s being a Quadriplegic went a long way to the shocking way he was treated. This is backed up by a case I have become aware of where a Quadriplegic man was allowed to have the Ventilator removed only four months after his accident – the very time when reality and hence depression set in. This was in the very same ward as Don was in. Attitudes have changed. The author of Sarah’s Last Wish, Eve Hillary worked in RNSH ICU in the past and said that Ventilators were never removed from anyone who was not brain dead, when she was there. Now people in full control of their faculties are euthanised. It is the beginning of a very slippery slope to Eugenics. I have information on this which can easily back up my claims.

In Don’s case it was more that they just couldn’t be bothered doing even the most basic to keep him safe.

On 17th the June 2008 you presented my Petition to Parliament. The wording of that Petition “On behalf of Don my husband of thirty-five years, our daughters, and myself, I request authorities begin an independent, open investigation into the surgery, treatment, care and subsequent death of Donald William Mackay. His death was a direct result of five weeks he spent in RNSH between 11th April 2007 and 17th May 2007 (the day he died).  I request that the Cardiothoracic surgeon and team, the Spinal Ward doctors and nurses who ignored my husband’s worsening condition receive disciplinary action because of their  negligence, which led to Don’s first Respiratory Arrest and inability to come off ventilation. ICU and Cardio Thoracic Specialists who withheld full disclosure of his condition from us should receive disciplinary action.  Their non-disclosure led to Don being subjected to unnecessary torture, which lasted five long weeks.  I request that the filthy practices and deplorable conditions he endured without choice in ICU be exposed. Legally, ethically, why and how are the medical practitioners protected from criminal charges?” you appeared to support.

I have various emails from back then where you intimated you would contact Jillian Skinner on this and that issue I had raised. It all seemed like support. When you spoke at the Launch of my book in September 2010, there was no doubt about the level of your disgust at what was done to Don, a frail and vulnerable human being, and I felt no doubt about your support of our quest for some small justice.

So now I am asking you as Deputy Premier, as a National Party Member, as a husband and father to do what you can to ensure that there is some justice for the crimes which killed my husband. Just because it happened in a hospital does not make it any less a crime.

If there is no justice for what was done to Don, then it will be okay to do the same to the next disabled man, woman or heaven forbid, child. As with the relatives of the murdered Bowraville children who have not received justice, as with the case of Luke Quintano and so many others...we cannot just give up and go away. To do so would be a betrayal of everything that makes us human that allows us our soul – something I am reminded of this Good Friday.

Somewhere at sometime in our lives we have to take a stand against what we know is wrong.

I hope you will represent our family and do what you can to ensure that my husband can in our minds rest in peace. That he is with God I have no doubt, but he was always the one to go in and bat for the underdog, to help all the family when needed without prompting. He endured levels of pain which would have flattened me, and he not once complained – I just knew by his face,  but his will to live and be in life was a wonder to us all and we are all lifted by knowing him.

IN a civilised country we look out for and defend the most vulnerable, but not so in NSW where one can be abused and killed and no one cares to do anything.

On this Good Friday I hope you will consider calling for that Inquiry (not HCCC – they are worse than useless) called for in the Petition you supported in 2008.
Yours sincerely,

Mrs Therese Mackay'   andrew Stoner

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