Thursday, April 25, 2013

These photos were taken on the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea. My uncle another Alf McGoldrick, nephew of the one I wrote about earlier today is the man in the middle of this photo. I was told he was very tall and very handsome and fit as well as a really nice bloke. This crew were a burial detail - We buried theirs when able - Not all these men made it home but Alf did and someone else in this photo - if you blow the first one up it explains what the photo is about. although the names are not in order as I know what Alf looked like...Sadly they survived this horrible time only to both be killed when they rolled a jeep (I believe) soon after the war out near where the Glenbawn dam was being built -

Here in the next pphoto the bloke on the right is amongst friends,

 dressed like them armed like them and yet once 

he returned to Australia he was not allowed to vote 

nor enter the RSL clubs dedicated to servicemen - at least this has improved


Andrew said...

The second photo is a wonder.

Middle Child said...

It was taken by a famous Newspaper photographer of the day - there is a clearer one of them standing but I think my sisters have that - lucky to have it