Monday, June 30, 2008

A new photo of Mum and Dad.

When your parents have been dead for as long as mine, you think you have found and seen every image of them that exists, and then you find this one - taken before they married in 1949. For our family this little photo is a treasure because all the photos we have were taken after marriage, and on the wedding day - but this one has a carefree look about it. Mum would have been about 21 and Dad about 29. The good thing was that at the end of life together (dad was killed almost 40 years ago, they were still as happy with each other and I remember my parents smiling often and looking like this when the glare of the outside world was not on them.

I was visiting Dad's brother who is dying (he's almost 90) and his son bought out an old album. There are more photos of dad, some real beauties from his early 20's and a couple of mum and dad. I didn't have the heart to ask for more, as their family is suffering right now, but asked could I copy those ones of interest next time I come .

I sat beside my uncle and he held my hand and I his for some time - it was very sad to leave knowing that I will never see him again. I am not really up to hospital stuff yet - and his eyes had that same look Don's did not too long before he died.

My aunt said he'd been talking about my dad a lot, so I have to hope that there are angels sent to be with someone as they die, and hopefully my dad is one of these. He would be if he could be.

So as I unpacked the most precious thing in my whole bag was this photo which I have sent to my sisters .

I was amazed to see the images after all these years and pleased that my cousin understood how important they would be - the others seemed unable to comprehend how important these images would be to us, and they'd been closed away in their album for decades unseen. I like to imagine that mum and dad are as happy now wherever they may be in whatever form if any, as they were when this was taken over 60 years ago.
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rosemary said...

I have a photo of my mom and dad before they were married....they are horseback riding. It is almost unreal. My dad was always overweight and my mom so closed see them like that makes me cry...but a happy cry.

Cazzie!!! said...

They sure look so happy, your mum looks proud and your dad has his head cocked to one side ever so slightly, like he is about to say something really witty :)
Sad about your dear Uncle, my, he sure did make it so a wonderful age.

cs said...

MC, how sweet. My parents were married in 46 and I have one of them on their honeymoon. Mom was 19, dad was 23. I love that photo and have it on their writing desk in our room. It must have been incredibly difficult for you to go to your uncle; I am proud of you friend. Your courage gives me strength in my heart. We are blessed to have such wonderful photos of our loved ones.

Thanks for sharing--you can the joy and love.

Sara said...

That is just so cool your family took and kept as many pictures as they have. Those glimpses back in time are priceless.

Team Gherkin said...

That's lovely. I've got photos of my parents and grandparents enlarged and on display here. got them done a few years ago now. Otherwise, you know... :) I also did it for my own children, to have something to see long after we've all gone.

Mal :)

Anonymous said...

They do look happy almost care-free.

What a lovely thing to have turn up.


Dysthymiac said...

oh you DO look like your Mother.
Old photos are so precious, and we often read of people who save them first when disaster like fire or flood hits their homes.

peace and love

Middle Child said...

Rosemary - Sad your parents closed off like that - are they still alive either of them - Mum and Dad were the same up till death - and yes it makes me cry also

Cazzie, Dad always held his head like that - my youngest sister does that -

CS - Thanks - I have found a lovely frame and they will have a place of honour amongst the other thousand or so frames on the walls here...

Sara - they are priceless - I sometimes wonder what Dad would think of how things are today - he foresaw a lot of things and I remember things he said which have come true

Team Gherkin - pleased you have them up - if we were Chinese it'd be called ancestor worship - but we just call it banging up photos - its sort of a religion/spiritual thingie also and for the kids as you mentioned important.

Caroline - they were happy Mum was Irish catholic descent Dad was Irish Protestant Descent and in 1949 they had to stand firm - but they did it and finally with family support - proud of them.

dysthymiac - mum and I were/are? very alike although she looked more feminine than me - we were never happier than when we were laughing together. In between the laughter she suffered cyclic depression and it was so sad to see her spirit shrink visibly when she was like this, but she was wonderful the rest of the time