Saturday, June 21, 2008

Thanks to Sling and my daughter Alison's friend Andrew (three stars)I finally figured out how to post DVD's onto You Tube - here are two of the interviews which Prime TV did because of the fight the family has started to get some justice.

the first one was at the beginning of getting the petition together

This one was done more recenlty just before we took the petition to Pariament (17/6)


Sling said...

You've done an outstanding job getting the ball rolling towards justice with your petition,and the media attention you've generated MC!
I'm proud to know you.

Middle Child said...

Thank you kindly - actually proud to know you guys - blogging has kept me sane in the wee small hours -

Cazzie!!! said...

It made me cry to watch the second one there..and I am so damned proud of keep it up Therese, there will be some justice coming for you and your girls :)

Citymouse said...

YOu are such a brave woman.

Middle Child said...

Cazzie - thanks...not sure what I am doing, but I am doing it anyway.

City mouse - brave? Not really I run on scared witless at times but sometimes its like I get help when I least expect it and thet keeps me going.