Saturday, June 14, 2008

Techno Moron needs help AGAIN.

From a DVD how does one convert it so that it can be uploaded to U Tube ? - my uploads all fail...

Also from an Audio CD (news item) is it possible to put these on Blogger?

Way back it was Sling who helped me master putting U Tub videos on blog spot... and now want to get ever more adventurous


Sling said...

I only know one way to do the DVD thing.
I 'open' the DVD in windows explorer,and copy the video files into my documents folder.There will be several files in numerical order,and they are pretty large.
From there,I 'import' them into Windows Movie Maker,and stitch them together by 'drop and drag' into the Timeline.
Then you save( finish) the movie,and from there you can upload it into blogger...
Clear as mud,ain't it..

Sling said...

I said uplaod into blogger,but I meant U-Tube. :)

Anonymous said...

Blogger help is very good with lots of videos to show you how. Just type in the key words of what you want to do.


Middle Child said...

Sling and anon - thanks - am on the right track now