Thursday, June 12, 2008

A bewdiful bevy of Australian woman hood -
(circa 1970) at least thats what we told ourselves. Next to my old school photos I found this... this was our little "group" might call it a gang these days. There was one other called Helen and when we combined all our last names it made up a word that only we all knew. The two in the front row were my best friends, Pam and Gwen. I still know where both of them are, and though not close we keep in touch - they haven't changed much, not even to look at, but we have all become a bit more extreme (or is that eccentric?)
The two in the back row, left were Lexie (rhymed with sexy we used that a lot in poems and ditties) and Jan. Don't know where they are. I look at my face there and all I can remember was how happy I was - everyday I was happy. I was lucky that I never got the blues as a teenager - "Puberty Blues" (great movie )- missed me... we would sit up the back of class and everything always seemed so funny. I sat next to Gwen a lot and we both used to draw caricatures of the teachers and other kids and write little poems about them and then nearly wet ourselves laughing about the. Its a wonder we learned anything... we had a teacher called Mr Murray who thought he was a bit of a looker - so we made up a drawing and poem and he became "The Floundering Murray Cod" (thats an Aussie fish). I still have one or two of those poems but a removalist lost the box of drawings which I have never forgiven him...


Bwca said...

I know where my 5 best high school friends are.
we stayed in touch and don't need to go to skl reunions to see the kids we didn't like then and still wouldn't.

go to and look up your school
when you see their married name, go to

Fbk and look them up.
click on 'Photos' and perv on their birthday parties.

open the wine before you start.

Cazzie!!! said...

I love seeing the photos from High School, they remind me of when I was at High School, with my friends, we had such a great time. I sure did love to talk to eveyone, this meant I did not have just one best friend, but, like you, I had plenty of friends. I still see them from time to time, but my bestest friend is one I met when I was in cadets, we still catch up every now and again and our kids play together...they were the times :)