Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Petition rejected by Parliament

I was curious as to why I couldn't find mention of the petition we took to Parliament mentioned anywhere in Hansard when the Rev Nile's pissy little petition of 182 names was mentioned along with others about changing speeed zones etc. So wrote to the MP who presented it. Wonders never cease in the cover up, which is what he now calls what happened to Don - and which is what I knew anyway.
This is his response to my query,
"Dear Therese
Andrew has asked me to contact you regarding the petition lodged last week.
Unfortunately this office has received advice that the NSW Parliament will
not accept the petition because in the wording it is addressed to the
Premier, not the Parliament.
In light of this, I have forwarded the petition directly to the
Premier. In the covering letter Andrew requested that the Premier
respond to you directly and this should happen within the next few weeks.

As a result, Andrew lodged the following motion in the Parliament:

295. Mr STONER to move—That this House:
1. Acknowledges a petition addressed to the Premier containing over 2,000
signatures, regarding the preventable death of Mr Donald Mackay of Port
Macquarie at the hands of the NSW Health System.
2. Condemns the Government’s cover-up in relation to Mr Mackay’s death.

3. Calls on the Premier to respond to the petition by way of writing to Mr
Mackay’s widow, Mrs Therese Mackay. (Notice given 19 June 2008)

Andrew will have the chance to debate this motion in the Parliament after
we resume in September.

If you have any questions, please let me know."

So as far as the Government of Adolph Iemma is concerned because of one word which I was not to know they can slither out of axknowledging any accountability at all - at least they think they can. I had a feeling this might happen. I will make sure that
all the media I can contact are aware of what has happened and of what
action Andrew is taking. So am hoping to try to turn this around - like to show juat how bad they are. This is not a petition asking are you in favour of ths or that - its about a death, and an extremely cruel death.

Unfortunately I cannot get home till Sunday - but maybe need this time.

I would expect Premier Morris Iemma to accept that the petition was done "in good
faith" and that because of the issue involved any Premier and parliament
worth its salt would accept this and not nit pick. The petition form I
used was I believed acceptable when I began it. I should have gone on line to
the NSW Gov site to make sure - but it is a sad show when what was done
with the right intention can be blocked because of a word or two. It is
the spirit of what is done which is important I feel.

My initial response when I understood that it had not been accepted was to
shed a few tears, but that was soon over. Alison (youngest) followed me up after I first got the news and gave me a good talking to, as to how this could be turned to a positive etc re publicity - and was good to be with her at that time so i didn't wallow in bitter disappointment too long as one can at times its funny to realise that the girls are wise women these days - and can teach and tell me things I need to know.

Don was the most vulnerable of patients, but the strongest man I have
known. I owe it to him to not give up on this. It would have been easier
for the health minister and the Premier to have done the right thing some
time back because all we wanted was acknowledgment and to know that no one
else would ever suffer how Don did. Now that is not enough. Our family
will follow this through till we feel enough has been done, and that the
cover up of his death is fully exposed.

I really am grateful for Andrew's help because without this it would have
been even harder.

Hopefully the Coroner's office will have good news tomorrow - if so it
will not look so good for the Government not to accept the petition. Have
to be hopeful.


JahTeh said...

Not exactly newsworthy, Therese. After all what's a man's death compared to a slanging match in a club restaurant involving a big mouthed Federal member.
I'm sorry you have to wait until September but the longer it goes on the worse they'll look when it is resolved.

Team Gherkin said...

Bastards. :(

Cazzie!!! said...

Fingers crossed... :)

Middle Child said...

True Jahteh - thats how it works - we all get titillated by crap - but real issues for other people are too slow - its like in ancient Rome

They are bastards Team Gherkin - bigger bastards than most of us have the good fortune to ever cross paths with

Cazzie of course - some good news came but am waiting to access my mail - waiting at the Post office before I blog about it

Dysthymiac said...

Hi Middle Child - pleased to know you are out driving through beautiful country.
East-West, nature's best.
Out on country roads is just the place to love Australia.

What do you think has happened to our Charlie Flipper? (who turned into BaggyWrinkles and then disappeared).

Middle Child said...

dysthmiac - it was lovely and lovely too not worrying that the car mightn't make it - it was rented... mine might not make the hills and dales so well...

Re Charlie - have not a clue - quite a few just disappear I used to like Mirk's and miss his counting the "numpty's" car smashes - out the front of his place...