Monday, September 11, 2006

This is what we would have missed out on and the hole left in our little family would have been a darkness.

May those social engineers rot in hell and no, I can not ever forgive them ever, because I have been in touch with those who did not find their babies as I did... and these mothers are still inconsolable.
Melissa with her littlel sister Alison...bombs away!

And again with her baby sister with who she shares a bond which is now unbreakable... that would also have been destroyed.

And here - her own true self. We didn't have much at all...but we had so much fun and so much laughter and she was a big part of that.

And no , on this her 32nd birthday I can never forgive them and I know who I am refferring to... They did know what they were doing and they deserve to be in jail for that.

Happy 32nd Birthday our lovely Melissa Jane Cleopatra (the Cleopatra was her choice at Confirmation time...and yes...for the catholics out there there was a Saint Cleopatra!).
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Vince said...

hey, nice blog - cool photos - hi there to all your lovely family from Canberra Australia - workin away hard at it in the Federal Parliament.

Otilia said...

well, this certainly explains alot. Thankfully, you have never been one to take any crap. It doesn't seem right that you have always had to fight so hard for what most people take for granted.