Saturday, September 09, 2006

These are some photos of my youngest sister's lovely kiddies.

I've been reading some excellent blogs today and some of them are so strong and needed because of whats going on in the world today. I am greatful for them and hope that they continue...better to know than not know I reckon. I was going to write about things that have been going on down under in the same vein, but right now haven't got the heart for it.

I was looking at a DVD of photos my sister sent to me of her family and where they live... and thought to post some of these...after all its this generation who nee need to be looking out for...they have at present no say at all in how things are being done, but it is they who will pay the price or reap the benefits. I hope its the latter but not optimistic.

This little girl (the older one) has my heart. She is such an individual and loves her little brother to death. He by the look in his eye is going to need that love I think.

Too good looking for his own good, poor little bugger.

A very tasty and chubby morsel.

This is the middle sister who is the one who makes sure he doesn't get it easy. Oh well I am also a middle child and know how important a job she is doing. : ) Posted by Picasa

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awwwwwwwwwwww, sweety pops!