Monday, September 11, 2006

She turns 32 today...yep September 11th...but she was born long before it became something to remark upon. When she was born I was unmarried...but Don and I were a couple. It was 1974 in Newcastle (NSW Australia ) hospital. When she was born she was taken away from me and all that afternoon I searched the hospital for her.

True to my nature I caused a bit of mayhem because Don and I wanted our baby. For our family babies were the true wealth and Mum had always told me this .

Finally after 6 hours of agitating I found her on the floor above in the area reserved for "sick" babies. When I got there the nurse said to me, "we were wondering why this baby was here...there is nothing wrong with her". I fed her and was allowed to take her down with me to the ward.

They left me alone after that.

Years later I was to learn that it was "policy" in Newcastle hospital to try and seperate babies from unmarried mothers and babies. Plenty of people wanted healthy babies. Bastards! This hospital was known as one of the worst for this abuse.

And here we are 32 years later... all those wonderful years knowing our daughter. Such a time...such a life we have had...all the fun and laughter and devilment... her differences...her beauty, her god heart and soul...all of this would have been stolen, kidnapped from her rightful parents if we had been less assertive...

It breaks my heart to think on this and I am so very grateful that it all was as it should have been.

The "authorities" may they all rot in hell and if they are dead I would gladly spit on their sodding graves for the awful damage they have done or intnded to do. Posted by Picasa

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