Monday, September 11, 2006

The contents of this cupboard are my pride and joy...and some people think my shame...Humph! If there was ever a housefire or bush fire, the contents of this cupboard would be put in the van well before the humans, and just after the dog and cat. (maybe!) I was asked the other dau how many of these precious objects I had in this cupboard and I mumbled 50.

I was asked "You mean the little ones not the ones with take 300 don't you?"

"Nope... my 50 objects all contain 300."

My 50 big photo albums are my treasure and just knowing they are there makes me feel alls right with the owrld, although i do know its not...

I too can have my small dreams.

I have just started number 51 and there is no more room left in this cupboard and I am I buy a bigger cupboard or have them in "stereo"? If I get a bigger one or another the same this will mean that Don can never exit or enter this part of the house in his wheelchair.

Then I ask myself " what are my priorities"?

Haven't figured it out yet. Posted by Picasa

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