Thursday, June 01, 2006

Wild Waves in Me

Wild Waves in Me.
I long with a hunger, to be like the wild waves.
To thunder and crash and rumble my days.
To lap gently onto the hot sands.
To claw like a Demon, with hoary old hands.

I long to travel the ages and spaces across the shoreline.
To go with the wind; to bask in sunshine.
To rise up like a  phallus of change, violent and stormy.
To sink soft-like into the vortex of Earth's womb, warmly.

From my spot on this beach, the waves seem so free.
Like the voice of my youth, they are pulling at me.
Like ropes round my wrists they are dragging me down.
And I'm in a trance, wrapped in wave sound.

The waves will come in big and out waves will go.
But are they more free than the life that I know?
For me, with my feet I am much freer still.
For me with my own mind, I have a free will.

Although like the waves, I am governed by the Moon,
I can decide my own life; I do call the tune.
The wild waves are but prisoners of pressure and tide,
While I am a free soul, my conscience the Guide.

I am part of the wild waves that explode at my feet.
A part of the ocean; part of all I will meet.
A part of the tides, that will govern my life;
Apart I am nothing, I am Woman, Daughter, Mother and Wife.

I Am the wild wave, I Am sucked into the sea.
My feet may be anchored, but my mind it is free.
My heart may be bound, with the tides of my Caring.
My days may seem stolid, no adventures - no daring.

But I have the power of all waves that have rumbled.
I've trod in man's kingdoms, long gone and crumbled.
I've held to my breast, Earth's children in their slumber,
I've lived so many lives, lives without number.

Ah! But I still long with the same hunger, to be like the wild waves.
Their salt flows in my veins, and will cover my graves.
They will wash over all my little treasures, from times yet to come.
They'll carry me back to where all waves come from.

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Anonymous said...

Don't ever lose that hunger. Nver give up. except at the end, the very end.