Sunday, June 25, 2006

I have this collection of photos and although I know the stories of most of these people I do not know their outcome.

I look at faces as strong and worthy as any I have ever known and hope... just hope life dealt with these young people as kindly as it could have...

for some reason it is the faces, small as they might seem which touch me.

I see my self, my sisters, my daughters, my mother and grandmother...

all of them ...

but these girls lived even before all of those named and I can't help but wonder how they felt about life the universe and everything

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mirk said...

Love the old photos! They can tell a story all on there own.

We have researched the family tree back to 1790. One of the old photos we have is from 1880 with the mother and father and 13 bairns. When i get back from my hols I might post it. It's the way they looked back then compared to modern times not just the cloths but the faces.

Oh the map thing is a carry over from my old blog.

Anonymous said...

you really do have amazing number of beautiful photographs. I bet their lives were hard and they didn't have the time to ruminate over things like we do (by that I mean, me in particular).

My sister in Canberra has banished me to hell by the way but she forgives me. Weird found out from my ruminations on my blog she had been in a similar situation with my Dad, which tends to put a different light on the subject although she didn't elaborate as its just a distant memory she doesn't want to remember. She is still shielded from life with her belief in God. Maybe thats a good thing.

At the moment I am grazing through a book called "transformation soup" by Sark. She is pretty big over here. Very hippy.

Hope Don is keeping well.

Diane S. said...

Oh! I adore old photos, and collect Edwardian postcards. The second photo with the lovely (and obviously Edwardian) hat just delighted me. Thanks for sharing.