Sunday, June 25, 2006

These two photos are of (top) my great grandmother Emma (Walker) Spencer and her daughter Ivy Spencer. They were taken on the same day in between 1900 and 1910 I believe. Grandmother Emma had a great sense of humour and looked a lot like my dad's eldest sister who I was very fond of.

But the funny thing is to look at Ivy's face. She could be a clone of my eldest sister when she was young. As my sister says she got the "lantern" jaw, which quite a few got also.

Emma had eight living children although sometimes children who died in infancy were not always listed which is sad really - not to even be listed as having being born. I rather think the parents would have remembered each and every one.

Ivy became a teacher as did my eldest sister before becomming a nurse. There seemed to be quite a few teachers ad nurses in the family... respectable professions for gals in those days I suppose. Posted by Picasa

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