Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Our lovely eldest daughter Melissa, came home for a visit on the weekend... we had a lovely time...Coffee Shop on the Saturday morning, walking about after, on our land, and just enjoying the peace and quiet. She just took over on Saturday evening which was lovely. It felt luxurious to have tea cooked and I promised to clean up but she beat me to it. Its funny when your kids get past about 25 they start to do these things and you don't expect them, so they are a real gift when they happen. But then I remember being the same when I visited my poor old there is a bit of a worry... maybe I am the poor olde worlde mum now... Hmmmm! She's in Greece now...landed some hours ago and reported to us (wintering in the southern hemisphere) that it was 30 degrees (centigrade) but only 7am in the morning... whew. I don't even want to remember summer"s heat. Our winters are so lovely...warm days, cold nights...perfect...for now summer is just a sad memory.

Any way some lovely photos taken of her and we had a really nice weekend which could only have been improved had our youngest daughter been able to join us, but not possible at this moment.
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Anonymous said...

Happy smiling faces. What a tonic!