Saturday, June 17, 2006

This web site and newsletter is well worth looking at.
One of my sisters said to me recently, doesn't reading all this depress you and couldn't understand when I said it didn't. Somehow knowing is important. For me its sort of like there is real shock when you are presented with information which is shocking...fair enough. But then there is for me these days a period of time when that knowledge settles on me, and if I am able I try and find out the source... as a journalist friend said the old, "Who, When Where What and most importantly WHY" should be drummed into us all as little kids...or better still "who gains from this?". Some things are just straight forward, black and white, like someone who pulls a gun on someone to rob them...well he is guilty. Big fullstop. No matter how hungry or deaparate one is you never have the right to endanger life by using a gun. Someone who is really starving and steals without intending harm, but just to fill an empty belly is far less guilty... not guilty at all really. In first world countries no one should be starving and that is everyones problem not just someone who is hungry.

Truth is not depressing. It is confusing. Upsetting. It makes you angry, disgusted etc etc... Like it makes me angry that the New Zealand Government had a hand in covering up evidence that pre Maori times and within their legends there was a white redheaird race living there.
See this link its worth a look then go to to see that the NZ Gov actively concealed evidence of the red haired mummies found there... why? Maybe political correctness...a lot of academic's careers rest uneasily on the historical timeline of "from the ape to modern man...from stone age to hi tech"...any aberrations to that are upsetting...truth or not they bear looking atin all fairness.

I am reading a book about the "Bradshaw " paintings in the Kimberely area of Australia. These rock paintings precede the Aboriginal rock paintings which go back 17,000 to 50,000 years. Have you ever heard of them?

The real tribal elders in the area...not the paid up Government lickspittle aborigines, but the real ones who still know the oral history are well aware that they were not the first race. The people depicted in the Bradshaw paintings are tall with complicated hairstyles and clothing and accessories. If you are interested get hold of this book " Lost World of the Kimberley" by Ian Wilson - Allen and Unwin - published 2006 ISBN 1-74114-391-8 .

It is truely amazing to consider the age of habitation here.

As in all ages...history is written by the victors - stone age to hi tech - can't have it any other way. Careers are made on this, tomes written, children have their minds loaded up with the accepted "truth" and no matter what the evidence, no matter how solid it is in a wierd way ignored as if it doesn't exist and most of us unless we fall over it, or it smacks us in the chops have no idea that possibly there could be alternatives to history, to the news, to the way things work.

Our children should be vigourously encouraged to have enquiring minds, but modern education is dumbing down our future thinkers, doers, creators so efficiently that most of us are unaware apart from the fact that little kids use calculators to add up what most 70 year olds can easily do in their heads. My age group 50's has to use pen and paper, Most teenagers have no idea where to put a full stop much less a comma (and I am probably in this catagory when I type fine when I hand write) Some have no idea what a verb is, an adverb and adjective, a similie etc etc...How can they then be expected to really comprehend the intricacies of literature written before this dumbing down began? How then can they be able to comprehend what is the right question to ask when they do not know there is a question?

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The internet is the great liberator, at the moment. It is important that the bastard victor doesn't get hold of this great truth purveyor and research tool