Monday, May 08, 2006

Over the Easter break one of my sisters "Attila she of the Hens who must be obeyed " bought her old cat Pussy Gardiner with her and she had to share the cat compound with our old cat Archimedes. Archimedes has Top Cat position in this picture.

Charlie you would approve of how we keep our cat... because the wildlife in Australia has no evolutionary protection against foxes, cats and feral dogs some of us in especially bushy areas have taken the step and keep the cat in a cat enclosure during the day. Ours is an old milk bale converted and has tree stupms fro scratching, a bit of grass , a bit of sand and a few climbing places. There is lots of sun and plenty of shade and I bring her in between 5 and 6pm depending on the weather. She actually volunteers to go in and is happy enough. She has about an hour or two mouse hunt in the evening thenis inside the house the whole night. Cats do a lot of damage at night to birds nests...

Things were fine till old Pussy Gardiner turned up.

This is Archimedes not that darn old snaggletooth Pussy Gardiner from Queensland.

Now this is the gutsy and very aloof Pussy Gardiner who mewed and mewed till my dizzy sister whet down to give her a few hugs.

All the while Archimedes stood tall and proud on the top rungs of the compound and miaowed

What a battle of cat wills it was.
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