Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Its sure been a strange couple of days. On Sunday about lunchtime Don and I came back from town, and he went for a bit of a wander down the yard when we got home. Whenhe came back inside he lowered the wheechair and had a bit of a sleep in the sun. When he woke up he seemed a bit vague, but after a while he was really confused...asking me over and over had he been outside a second time. Repeatedly I told him no he'd just been outside the door having a sleep. Then he had a really big sleep and woke up with numbness down one side of his face, an arm that wouldn't behave properly and major gaps in his memories of peoples names etc etc.

We both felt he might have had a stroke, but luckily later on at the hospital the CAT scan showed no actual damage so it was most likely a transient type stroke...a bit of a warning.

Half an evening at the hospital... a very long wait whilst sprained ankles and sore wrists got treated... (he/we got pissed off and we came home... then got scared again as you would) and half the next day ...tests done and memories returned we were glad to be home.

How strange it is to think how ordinary this evening is and just luck for us to not have a major bloody tragedy happening rght now. Sometimes it is really surreal the way we live. My eldest sister who is a nurse says we seem to lurch from one crisis to another...and thats how it is but the ordinariness of life in between is wierd.

Poor bloody Don is quite spooked as he isn't out of the woods yet. Me, I just don't think at all much...just do it and hope for the best.

Its been a strange couple of days.


Anonymous said...

We're all not very far from disaster, one way or another, MC. We are weak and feeble creatures and those who don't know that are fools.

All the best to Don. Hope he's ok


Otilia said...

Same here, MC. Hope the two of you are well.


Allan said...

Here's to enjoying the subtle beauty of a non-eventful day! May we all enjoy many more.