Friday, May 26, 2006

I was too sick on April 25th... Anzac day... to go down to the Town Green... so Don went anyway. It was a cold misty day... and the sight of him returning "flags" a flying later that day was a real hoot.

I was certain that there was no breeze or wind at all but there was a tad of "Hot air" around that day and this may have had those flaggies a flyng a treat.
On the home turn - even the dog went outside in the cold to provide a guard of honour... which Don took as his due of course.

He burned round that last corner like a speed demon and even the dog dropped back to give him his place in the sun. : )

So I took us inside and made my flag streaming sentimentalist a big cup of tea and a plate of soup to warm the cockles of his heart...

and its a very big heart I may add but please don't tell him I said that. EVER!

"Its not true at all...none of its true."
"I am never sentimental."
"My heart is a normal size, maybe actually smaller than normal!!"

"Now just pissoff! Ha ha ha ha!"

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Anonymous said...

Hey Don, that was spoken by a true Celt. Didn't know you had the Gaelic down there :o)