Monday, May 08, 2006

I was flicking through a disc of Easter Photos my sister posted and came accross this one...

I am wondering what the deal going down was here. "Ill trade you my glass of wine for that chip there there okay Tessa." "Nuh I'll have the glass of wine and the chip Mummy and you can have the glass of milk...its really good for you age old mummy."

What do you reckon they might be saying?

Jackie my youngest sister could have been saying, "No Tessa, I won't look like old aunty Therese in 12 years time I promise, now give me that bloody chip okay." Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Good pic!

Unknown said...

"Mom, grow up! One day when you are wise like me then I'll explain it to you, okay. So, in the meantime, drink your vino and let it go. You're over reacting and Auntie MC will have to send you to your room if you keep it up."