Thursday, March 21, 2013

Forced Adoption Day" Lets call it was it was - Child stealing day or Kidnapping babies day

They called today "Forced Adoption Day" Lets call it was it was - Child stealing day or Kidnapping babies day - What else can it be honestly called
Success Story: Man Finds Birth Mother Through Facebook Plea
Don and our babies 1977 - a complete family as was meant to be
Newcastle NSW Hospital was one of the worst - I had our eldest there in 1974 - towards the end of the kidnapping (not forced adoption - it was child stealing) We chose to be unmarried - you know rebelling against the universe and all that. I was put into an unmarried mother's ward and came close to having our beautiful baby taken - I had to go and find her in the hospital secreted in a whole other area - never any explanation - I saw a drugged up mum sign over her baby and cry for hours after - every day I thank the powers that be that I was suspicious of all their talk and excuses and went to find her - when I found her - the nurses there said they had no idea why she had been bought there as it was the humidicrib area - and her crib was the only one open and unattached to air etc she was full term and perfectly healthy and beautiful - she still is at 38 and we have had all those years to know and love her after finding her I sat there and fed her - and they left me alone after that...It breaks my heart to imagine what could have been and to know that for too many it was. I personally believe that all those complicit in stealing those children should have to face kidnapping charges - no matter who they are. Just because they thought it was right doesn't mean it was. The mum and dad are the only ones to have that right. I can not imagine our little family without Melissa - and not to have known and loved her brings tears to even think about. But so must those who had their children stolen illegally and many of those who did that are probably not much older than I am today... I can't tell you how angry their crimes against the family make me.

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