Thursday, March 28, 2013

Patel - Live Autopsies and Forgotten Voices

Patel - Live Autopsies and Forgotten Voices

"Patel's forgotten, former co-workers, patients and their relatives speak out about a "live autopsy'", their harrowing experiences and a QLD Government doing every thing it can to let their former employee off the hook.

Why has QLD's crown prosecutors in court treated Patel as a properly registered medical professional? Why do they continue to focus on Patel's clinical skills, rather than his clinical qualifications, after a Royal Commission found he wasn't a properly registered doctor?

Could it be for the same reason that Patel was protected by the system for 2 years, despite all the complaints - Money and to save political embarrassment and adverse scrutiny of political supporters in the powerful medical system"

“The LNP cover up of a serial killer doc is revealed. The man who helped Nurse Whistleblower Toni Hoffman speak out about Jayent Patel, (Rob Messenger) now helps a new whistleblower uncover another murderous medico. Jo Barber a former police CIB and medical board chief investigative officer, blows the whistle on a possible serial killer doctor who has been working in QLD for at least 5 years.” Rob Messenger
 My words below
Maybe one of Campbell Newman's rellos might end up under the knife of this evil pyschopath - Serial killer doctors are in every large town in Australia...many know this...the rest have not experienced...Some kill women. Some kill poorer patients. Some as in my husband's case kill the disabled and research on them as they are doing so.

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