Thursday, March 21, 2013

Have 5 spare bottles of Guinness -

My daughter Melissa recommended I buy some Guinness for this St Pat's Day - Neither of us like beer and so when I went to my local to buy some the bloke said "Do you like beer?" I said "No can't stand the smell" I told him my daughter said it wasn't like beer at all - and he started to laugh - told me she was having a lend of me - I opened it and one mouthful...gaaarrrgh! he was right ...she told me a story about dead rats in the Guinness giving it the special taste - and found out just then before reading yours that that as well wasn't true - but this is the myth, "Some interesting myths about Guinness that need to be dispelled. "Some time ago, at the main Guinness brewing plant in Ireland, the vats were opened and drained to clean them out. Once empty, the bottom of the vats were found to be full of dead rats. Of course, as soon as this was discovered the vats were cleaned and sterilised. However people started complaining that the Guinness didn't taste right, and so now Guinness is filtered through lamb's blood, which goes some way to explaining the unique taste. (I was told this, and it may not be true." - This is not a true story. Guinness is most certainly not filtered through lamb's blood, neither were dead rats ever found at the bottom of vats as St. James' Gate. ""Dublin makes five or six principal versions of Guinness, in a total of 19 variations, and exports around 40 percent of its output." - Dublin makes two versions of it's "Guinness" product, in a total of about three variations, packaged and distributed in a variety of different forms. The Guinness brewery itself brews many other products that aren't Guinness. "The Guinness you buy in bottles is different to the Guinness in cans and on tap. The Guinness in the bottle has live yeast in it, and in America is called 'Guinness Extra Stout'. The cans and draught are simply 'Guinness'." - Guinness is available in bottles in both forms: Draught Guinness in a bottle and Guinness Extra stout. They are two different products. Both products are available in cans and bottles. Guinness Extra stout is not available on draught. That takes care of the blatant untruths." .


Janene said...

LOL the only Guinness I've ever been able to stand was in Dublin itself... Nectar!!! But... further North... no... and further afield... no no no!!

jacqui boyd alden said...

I really don't like Guinness but my husband brews a lot of stout beers. My favourite is a chocolate stout. Much nicer than Guinness. Did you know they gave a glass to new mothers in the UK after childbirth. Apparently it has a lot of good things in it. Not sure when it stopped but my Mum remembers being given Guinness after having us.