Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Lovely to have both my girls together.
Alison and Melissa and me at Point Cook
Chris, Melissa and Alison
Melissa and Chris drove down from Sydney and spent last week here. It was just so lovely to have my little family together. We are not the sort of family where generations have stayed living in one area, as with my four sisters and myself, so with Melissa and Alison we all spread our wings young (17) . I hear people talking about being too busy because they have grandchildren around, or parents around and from my perspective find it hard to believe - if only! We don't seem to make old bones in our family so there has never been any "older" generation either mothers or fathers. So when we get together is is very precious. The house seemed very empty when they left - but I admit when they sms's me that they were home after the 10 hour drive - I was really relieved. I try not to worry because that doesn't change things, but I hate it when my kids are out on the highway and yet I know accidents often happen just driving about in your normal day or close to home as with dad.

I do my best to keep these sorts of fears quiet because they are young and its not fair to load up the young ones with our fears which hopefully may never come to be. But its a golden rule you let people know where you are and when you have arrived. A courtesy.
When we get together its magic. It always was and I guess we were afraid once Don was gone that we may have lost that spark - 
Melissa giving Tiger what for and Tiger loved it

Melissa and Chris

Alison and Melissa beat me yet again - this time it was knowing brand names of clothes and shoes etc - 

Alison and Andrew

Melissa and Chris hadn't seen my house and both of them said it had a wonderful feel - and it has - its very peaceful - they actually said the street was so quiet that they might use it to make a Zombie film about when there were no human beings left on earth - and I had to agree - sometimes it is too quiet and empty, but yet you know there are people so close by. Something hard for me to get used to.


Mom said...

Knowing everyone is safely home is one of life's great blessings.

Andrew said...

Note to self, do not load up youngers with your fears. I will remember that. Has Tiger put on weight since you moved?

Middle Child said...

Yes well spotted Andrew! When I was moving Tiger spent 7 weeks at a cattery - she came back even huger. They are both house cats and I only have the laundry to feed them in so can't hide the other cat's food - I think Tiger eats more, much more than her fair share