Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I just noticed this.
In photos of  our girls with their Dad; with my sisters and Don and of myself and Don, a huge percentage of the photos taken even going way back to when the girls were younger have someone with their hand outstretched upon his chest. They are not there holding him upright or anything - and when we were having them taken there was no conscious thought of where to put hands - we just all seemed to fling together but someone would have their hand there - and it was only recently I realised this as i was looking though the photo albums (the power was out so had nothing else to do). I would have thought that over the 25 years since his accident Don would have made some comment - its a nice gesture - sort of one of unconscious protection fro someone who was physically vulnerable - but we never babied him because it wasn't our nature and he wouldn't have allowed it because he was first of all in control and am happy to admit that  - he organised and i did and that worked so well.

Its funny to note that the older he got (and the less well) the more often it seemed to happen - and although people could see he wasn't all that well Don and I didn't speak about this to anyone. We wanted to kids to have a good life and to come hoe with anticipation not dread that something was going wrong.

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JahTeh said...

In the few photos I have of my granddaughters, I've noticed the same thing. The eldest always has a hand or arm across the youngest as though protecting her.

Anne said...

The photos show the love you all have for Don. The body language is special.

karisma said...

Beautiful family! Beautiful memories. xoxoxox