Sunday, August 07, 2011

A wonderful visit with my sister ended last night  - she is back home now. We had the best of times - a bit bitter sweet really with the last day being an "Open House" for the sale - but at least I get my cats back - here she is down on the floor in the winter sun early morning and the cats are in heaven - another cat in the house as she tried to handle the NSW cold - she comes from hot old Brisbane and needed her woolies  - but here in this spot in the house she was in her element - Tiger and her had some fun but Tiger was not amused at her style of play - the eyes have it - it was as if Tiger was thinking - "one day I will get my revenge - I know how to wait". We went to the local wineries - the beach - the shops...cleaned the house furiously - packed - drank a little - ate prawns - and took tons of photos. Veronica has been my most constant visitor since we moved here in 1976 - and so many memories of wonderful family gatherings we both carry - the numbers diminishing year by year. She took the lovely shot of the kangaroo crossing the paddock in the late afternoon.

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FoxyMoron said...

So glad you had your sister to visit, especially now when it must be hard getting ready to say goodbye to the property.
Great roo action shot!

Mom said...

There is no doubt that you two are sisters. You do look like family. glad she could come.

JahTeh said...

You are so right about Tiger's eyes, there's a revenge just waiting. Is it just that he's furry or has he grown sideways from that skinny little cat?

Middle Child said...

Jahteh she has grown sideways ...she eats the other cat's food - and eats like a dog - just wolfs it down so fast then sometimes throws it all back up
Mom - She is the best sister one could ever hope for

Foxymoron Not much action re the house but early days yet

Shrinky said...

You two look so alike! What a BEAUTIFUL cat, he is GORGEOUS - I also love that rogues gallery of family and friends on the wall (smile). That's an amazing shot of the roo, wow, I can't imagine finding one of those in our back yard. Would you believe we DO have wild wallabies hopping around on our island? We do! Weird, or what? It's thought a few escaped from captivity a few decades back - I've glimpsed a few driving up through the mountain road, and I always do a double take!

I hope it won't be long before you are able to move, now the decision is made and your mind is made up.. exciting times, eh?

Ann ODyne said...

"just wolfs it down so fast then sometimes throws it all back up" ... just like JaneFonda!

Gorgeous cats gorgeous photos - love from me/us X