Sunday, June 26, 2011

Melissa took this late Monday Afternoon before she left - Its the clearest I have had done for a while and when i got over the shock of the extra throat wrinkles I had not noticed - the plethora of lines around my eyes!! That my eyes are about half as open as they used to be...well we did get our old Blue Roan cocker Spaniel's eyes lifted so she could see - may have to do the same here.I realised how much like Mum's side of the family I was becoming - and its okay - You can't be 57 and look 40! I don't mind getting older really - and would not go back to my youth for all the tea in China - I did some stupid things back then as we do when young and that i survived is nothing short of a miracle - 

But as well this week I passed Certificate II in Business Management and will pick up Certificate III at TAFE when I move to Victoria - unless I win the lottery!!! Its the first bit of paper I have received since my School certificate in 1970 - so am pretty pleased - but the teachers did coax us along which was appreciated. The nature of exams have really changed since the 70's - There was no multiple choice and you either knew it or didn't and had to really study - especially in weak areas which were for me Maths and French (ugh!).

I had a skip bin delivered yesterday and am starting the massive job of cleaning out the sheds which I haven't done for years - then get the house valued and go from there. While I am really looking forward t a new beginning in Victoria, no doubt the place looks more beautiful as I contemplate the outlook, as if packing it away in my memories. Its been a really healing place and I have marked time here since the book was published - I think things happen when they aer meant to happen and its up to yourself to take any opportunity that seems right, and then don't look back too much. It is going to be really hard leaving the memories of my young adult life here, the children and Don  - the horse we had - a taffy one called lucky whop got hit by a car, the dogs Boris, Jedda and Thorn, the cats so many we had over our forty years - but the two i take with me will represent them all I feel. Cats are like that unlike dogs.


FoxyMoron said...

Well I think you are beautiful! You have the loveliest eyes. Hope I look that good in.....geez you're only six years older than me!
Congrats on your Cert II, well done! But you had to do Maths and French?
I can imagine the feelings you must be going through as you contemplate the huge move and all it involves but I really think you're doing the right thing.
Hmm would love to hear some of the "stupid things" you did in your youth (we could compare notes). ;)

Anne said...

It's a beautiful photo and you don't look that age:-)

I remember moving from the first house we had where the kids grew up, doing last minute cleaning while the tears streamed down my face, it will be hard for you but a good move.

Mom said...

This post makes me smile. The photo is great, makes you look happy and still a bit mischievous.
The move sounds like just the right thing for this time in your life. All those wonderful memories you can pack up and take with you.