Saturday, June 04, 2011

A home day for a change.
It feels like weeks since I have had a whole day at home and it is certainly needed - just to stop and step back from the world and not have to do or be anything - its heaven. I haven't taken a lot of photos of late and went around the paddocks this morning with my camera

Nothing is straight in my place I have crooked fences -

And broken fences which have been surrounded by water for months

There is water water everywhere

and plenty more to drink

but today the sun is out and it is a most beautiful day - for the first time in ages I have a sense of peace in my heart - and it feels so good.
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Shrinky said...

What a lovely place to live Therese, it has so much space and open land, it's great to catch a glimpse of where you live.

Middle Child said...

Shrinky - it really is lovely and I appreciate being here