Thursday, June 16, 2011

Back Feb 2009 I posted similar to these

- this is my driveway and that white thing in the centre is my letter box - hopefully rain stops today or I won't have a driveway to get out of... at least I have cat food left (most important) and vino also important. I could drive through but the water is brackish due to the intermingling of salt and fresh water and won't do my precious van any good - I did go for a wade in my gumboots and its up to my knees - hence the gumboots filled up - a little chilly but good fun actually - my garbage wheelie bins were floating down near the letter box so had to take them to higher ground (out on the road) - I will retrieve the floating garbage when I am sure I won't fall into a pot hole. Thought to take my mobile out with me but was afraid of dropping it - so having no pockets in my clothes- needs must and human beings are adaptable. I am hoping it will all go down before Saturday as once again Melissa and Chris planned on coming up - last time it was an exploding tanker which stopped them on their drive up - just have to hope that the highway is cleared by then. I was really looking forward to seeing them the first time and now after being isolated for a few days am hungry for their company. I like my own company when I choose it but it is palling a bit now. So many up here have had houses flooded and equipment damaged - so I am one of the very lucky ones. The Pacific Hwy near Kempsey is planned to be closed for 6 days such is the road base damage.

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Anne said...

At least you have the essentials, cat food and vino!

iODyne said...

oh dear, great sympathy.
Make sure you have a long hiking pole (OK the garden rake or broom) when wading through water - to save you from the potholes.
and I do love it that your absolutely correct priorities are wine and catfood. the way it should be.
love from all of us - annie and bwca etc