Saturday, July 03, 2010

We were only all together for two and a half days when Melissa had to go back home - but we packed it in - I have an amazing sense of peace when we are all together under one roof - as if alls right with my small portion of the world...The blanket they have on was Don's favourite - when he was a bit cold or wanted to lay back the wheelchair and have a sleep it was this blanket he always had. His sister Judy gave it to him a few years before she died.

When Alison became ill in 2002, Don gave it to her - she always seemed to be so cold and we were not sure she would survive - I replaced his favourite blanket with a soft blue one which he used daily from then on...

These two have been through a lot and deserve every bit of happiness that might come their way. When they were only little kids - (they were 7 and 4 when Don had his accident) if I was needing something for Don I can not once recall them ever grumbling about doing stuff that other kids wouldn't even dream possible.

There was a time when I was stuck in bed for a month - I had badly injured my back and the doctor said a month in bed at home or a month in hospital - A disc was pressing on the spinal cord - Melissa was about 12 and Ali 9 - and between them and Don's orgainsing them we managed. We had to hire someone to take care of Don during the days when the girls were at school - and to get him to bed - but they were amazing. We had some very "interesting" meals... and there were some very funny things that happened but we got through.

It never occurred to us to ask our extended family for help because we had become a very tight little unit - and still

I just wish we all lived closer - its always too long between getting together -

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FoxyMoron said...

They are beautiful girls, and a credit to you and Don that they are so kind and caring.

FoxyMoron said...

Oh and Therese I forgot to tell you that I'm blogging again, I got a new URL to try to shake the (not too bright) nasty people.
A click on my name will take you to it.