Saturday, July 03, 2010

Some more piccies...
We went out to the best Mexican food I have ever tasted... and Melissa was very proud of this second hand coat she bought from the Chapel St Bazaar - its an amazing place as all you melbournites would know - it just goes on forever and its like stepping back into the 1950's - 70's... The girls were in their element -
Melissa has always loved the clothes from the 1950's and there is not a thing written about Marilyn Munroe she doesn't know - her book shelves are filled with biographies of Bette Davis, Jayne Mansfield and the like - don't know where she came from but it was in her even as a small child -


Andrew said...

How well I know the Chapel Street Bazaar. I can't recall if I have ever bought anything in there, but often just looking. I love the photo booth photos. Just having family fun.

FoxyMoron said...

I love that coat! I must check out Chapel street when we go to Melbourne in October. I just love Melbourne.
So glad you all had fun together.