Saturday, July 25, 2009

Update on the book
Andrew asked for an update on the book... In order to get it published the printers won't touch it unless I have (at my expense) a specialist defamation barrister (not solicitor) go right through it, which I have been advised will take him a full five working days - and give it the all clear re defamation issues - or mark the manuscript and advise me where I need to make changes.

I had two choices - throw it in the garbage bin or do what they asked. It doesn't seem to matter that I have written proof for everything ...apparently I have been told Doctors are more likely to sue to protect their reputations than any other profession.

Not to worry - I won't be going to Rio in the next decade, so decided I have to do this. Mostly he will strike out my "opinions" on why they acted a certain way...which may actually work to make it stronger as rather than telling people why I think things were done, it will be left up to readers to draw their own conclusions.

I had to get my head around this hurdle and try and get the most positive thing i could out of it.

So now they have my money "in trust" which means their bank account, the work will proceed. Part of me is hoping that the barrister may have a sense of social justice as no one could read the manuscript an come away untouched... may get a price reduction but am not banking on it.

So much went into getting this far. It has been the hardest thing I have ever or I hope will ever have to do, and then to get it to the printers to be told this...but as far as I am concerned it is the last major hurdle and when I get oer this one, I should be able to go ahead.


Ann ODyne said...

oh god everything always comes down to lawyers and money.

I would have sent it to CHRIS MURPHY.

more power to you though.

Mom said...

worthwhile things are hard. Keep at it. I want to read this book.

cs said...

the fact that you wrote the book in the first place is amazing MC! That alone would have killed off most folk. But to continue and to persist the way you have is way beyond the capability than most of us could ever deal with. It is in God's hands, eh?

I have my 1 and only novel written--the manuscript sits at the back of my closet--someday I tell myself...

until then, knowing I did it makes me smile. Now I am working on a book of short stories--we shall see...

Have you considered writing another book--maybe a love story? Yours and Don's story is quite amazing....peace and hugs

Sling said...

I say kill all the lawyers...
Seriously though,keep after it Therese.
It needs to be published.

FoxyMoron said...

Does Chris Murphy even still practise?

I am in awe of your determination, you have been thrown one obstacle after another with this book and you don't give up. I know it is about justice and the many flaws in the hospital and medical system in this country, but behind it all, I believe the power of love is what has driven you. Inspired.

Anne said...

I'm with CS in wondering if you would write your and Don's story.

You are right in thinking that this is the last major hurdle, something you do have to do.

Pat said...

Ain't it just so dern true to human nature: cover your arse! But who, besides you dear MC, was covering Don's arse? No, no. You've come to far to let this sillyness stop you now. Good on you for forging ahead. You are my hero.

Sara said...

Well this is good news, I think. One last step, eh? Don't sweat the lawyers. Pity them, maybe, but don't worry about them.

Mal Kiely [Lancelots Pram] said...

How'd it go for you?

rosemary said...

catching the gnomes, the bird nest with Don peeking thru, congrats to you and your daughter...more family to love. As for the manuscript, good thing to have it looked use having it published to have some arrogant ass of a doctor sue you.

Middle Child said...

Ann O Dyne...I doubt even he would have had the time to sift through my 90,000 words...for free

Mom, thanks for this... it will happen and you will all get a freebie okay.

CS I have reams of stuff written before, but feel unable to do more till I see this through...I only write in here these days. You must get you book going okay...maybe we can do a trade.

Sling...HMMM can we do the docs first...only joking if the docs are reading...or is this just paranoia?

Middle Child said...

Foxymoron...he is a criminal lawyer and not a defamation one...big difference I am told. Thanks for your faith Foxy...will get there soon enough.

Anne...Don's story is already written in my heart...but seriously I had before he was killed written quite a bit which I will publish oneday... that'll be easy compared t this

EC you are MY hero so there

Sara.. I do pity them as they wear their Armani suits all paid for by me...sob!

Mal...will know by the end of this week a coming up.

Rosemary...good to hear from you...and thanks.