Tuesday, July 07, 2009

This first photo is of my mother as a toddler, being held by her mother who died a year after this photo was taken, and next to her dad, who raised her alone after this. They stand on the front steps of their little house at Upper Rouchel, in the Upper hunter area of NSW. It is 1930. The photo directly below this shows the much grander entrance to their old house, which still stands. I would have liked to have gone inside and asked to take a photo of the actual house, but decided not to do so. Its nice just to know its all still there.

This photo is taken in about 1886 I was told. It is of family members and friends on my dad's side and this house was about three miles away from that of mum's people. One family Irish Catholic and the other Irish protestant.

Its interesting to click on the old photos there is so much detail...this was taken after a cricket match . The house below is called the same name as the original one "Bingeberry" but unsure if its the same actual house. I have been told its in the same place but can't see a mountain range behind the first one...which could be explained by the angel of the photo or perhaps they located the house a few yards away from the old one...who can know...but its the same property.

The family that lived in this old house had ten children (who says catholics breed like rabbits) and they all went to school and learnt to read and write as
did many Irish immigrants - which really irked the authorities...

None of mine were monied, nor had any claims to fame other than being hardworking people, who having been driven out by starvation were seeking a new start...nothing is between us really but the years between.
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Anne said...

We also have the Irish Catholic - Irish Protestant mix. Intersting looking back on old photos.

Love the shots of your girls - they are gorgeous (and you too of course!)

FoxyMoron said...

I adore old photos and the stories that go with them. Thanks for sharing.

Sling said...

You have family pix from 1886?..THAT is so cool!

iODyne said...

Yep ... ditto from me on comments above.
Especially love your Grans hat.
To mix religions back then was a very dramatic thing. My Catholic mother and my High Orange Protestant father caused such a ruckus in their families in the 1940's. It never faded, and I was caught in the crossfire, with the consequence that I have no emotional connection to either side of my family, and I married another Only Child. Life has been Very Isolated from all normal family drama.

Treasure the photos and keep writing the stories.
X X X Brownie