Sunday, August 02, 2009

A Bucket O' Mandarins
Not a lot to post right now...but I have to admit I get real pleasure form the little mandarin tree down the back...its about the 6th bucket I have had off it this year and about another 2 to go as they ripen...there is one greenish one in this bucket...but it just fell off the tree ...its time had come.

I usually keep half a dozen for myself and give them away to whoever comes . People are amazing when you give them something from your own backyard. You could give someone a DVD or a book as a pressie and they'd be grateful but when it comes to fresh food they say "thank you "over and over.
They are lucky to get any because there is nothing I like better than standing outside in the late afternoon wintry sun and eating them as I pull them off the tree...still warm from that sun.

There is a lemon and a lime tree, which don't produce much; a plum tree which the birds always beat me to and good luck to them...they are hungrier than I will ever be. Other citrus as well ...and a grapefruit tree...could never eat grapefruit....

I am in a "waiting" mode now...getting my tax done and getting everything weeded and looked after, because I know as soon as the legal eagles are finished with the book it will be back into it... I think I have needed this time...

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FoxyMoron said...

I know just what you mean, having had the chooks and being able to give away eggs, how appreciative people are about home produce.

We have an apricot tree, and an almond gree by the fence, that the birds get before we do, but I kind of like that they do. Just as I used to love the local birds coming down to share the chook food when we had them. Sometimes the chickens, and even the dog, would chase them off, but not always, and it was nice to see them share.

JahTeh said...

You must make some mandarin marmalade, it's so much better than orange and the smell is heaven.

Don't throw the skins away, shred them and dry in a warm spot for potpourri, again the smell is beautiful.