Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I promise...this is the last
or one of them of the old photos - or maybe not - depends -

I scanned this in last night and haven't stopped laughing. Remember this event so clearly. If you knew Alison you'd know why I'm still laughing. She was blowing bubbles, but check out the look on her face when she swallowed one if them. Would have missed this if we'd not been so impressed with her homemade Palmolive dish washing detergent bubbles - they were huge...

I think we laughed a bit too hard and long at her over this and can remember a bit of a hissy fit. Parents are horrible sometimes, but good preparation for the real world to have a few chips knocked off the edges of our sensitivity - better done at home with love I reckon, than being too prickly when you get out there.

Thats my excuse anyhow.


Team Gherkin said...

GREAT photos! That look is priceless!

Isn't it amazing how a photo can bring back a memory so freshly? Thank you.

Mal :)

rosemary said...

Oh Therese....I love the old pictures. ...in particular the muddy one!!!

Cazzie!!! said...

Hahaha, ooohhh, yukkk, palmolive too, omg!

Mom said...

what a wonderful expressive face! Aren't memories a wonderful treasure.

Sara said...

hahaha! It's amazing how you actually have photos of these common moments that make up a childhood. How I wish I had photos of the notorious incidents of my sisters. You always seem to have had a camera handy!

cs said...

How precious. I bet you were laughing like crazy. I think your photos are grand.

Look at the lovely decorating you did back them as well. What a mom!

Middle Child said...

team gherkin, thanks - at 30 she's still a funny little thing and makes me laugh.

Rosemary, I still remember how long it took to get the mud out of those clothes and ears etc

Caz, yeah like having your mouth washed out with soap

Mom - they are a treasure and I took heaps

Sara our grandfather instilled into some of us the idea of taking lots of photos. He took beautiful ones whic I still have of back in the '20's and '30's.

CS thanks I was laughing and that look was unexpected, I only got it because I's been taking the previous ones