Saturday, August 16, 2008

Yesterday in the book I'm doing I wrote some paragraphs about some of the coincidences I seem to have had in relation to getting the Inquiry into Don's death started and also the book I'm doing in case or as well...that's progressing pretty well.

Then something happened which made me laugh and laugh. Its too much of a coincidence.

When Don was young, his mum and older relatives often called him Donny - I never did but the kids did if they were shit stirring him. His mum used to always say to never bet on any horse that Donny put money on because it'd lose - she was mostly right. She'd always tell him to put the money on for a win and a place, but he never did. he always went for the win. When his horse came second or third he would always say without exception "You bastard" in the nicest possible way... although I did get a washing machine once from winnings.

Yesterday I got in the mail a book I'd ordered called The book of Australian Popular Rhymed Verse" Its published by the ABC and is a massive 807 pages long.

I plonked it on the table and just flipped it open. It opened on page 324.

This is the four lined poem on that page called
"The Exacta" by Denis Kevans.
"One day Donny went to the races,
And, after the last he reckoned,
'You beauty' always came first,
'You bastard' always came second."

Well after that I just sat down and laughed and laughed. That was unbelievable. So I rang the kids and we laughed some more because that was exactly how he spoke. I'd like to meet this other "Donny"


FoxyMoron said...

I have just spent an enthralling evening reading your blog. And marvelling in your talent to write without pretence or a feeling that you are writing from anything but your need to express yourself.
So sorry to learn of the loss of your gorgeous hunky husband, but I feel very honoured to be have been able to share the lovely photos of the two of you and your beautiful daughters (I have an Ali who is of the same age and quite similar to yours!)
I hope you find peace re the hospital stuff, my father was in the same place and later died and I was never happy with their part in all of it.

Team Gherkin said...

Absolutely 100% spot-on, foxymoron :)

That's a classic case of synchronicity, certainly.

Mal :)

Mom said...

I love those unexpected of moments that fill us up with happy memories. I chuckled as I read this post.

Sling said...

Betting to win is a clear sign of Don's positive attitude.
I admire that quality in a person!
..and the rhyme is so true. :)

Middle Child said...

Foxy moron hello to you...will drop by and have a look and say hello. I love that word foxymoron.

Team Gherkin - was so unexpected and funny.

Mom Some beauty memories, si I must be lucky really

Sling that rhyme describes Don to a tee and I thought you would like that in a person... maybe the worlds divided into two people, those who bet to win, and those who hedge their bets

cs said...

No coincidences...just a sweet gift from your beloved sending you his great with and humor.

PS: I love the photo flicker thingie you put on your did you do that?

Middle Child said...

Cs Thanks - I had no doubts there really it was too close.

The photo thingie...
do you have picassa 2 on your computer. its free and I like it. If so yousee up the top wher it say "web album" gop in there and if needed create an account (free) you might already have one. It will show all the photos you have on the net on sites such as Blogger. On the left hand side you can follow the links and you'sll see where it tells you how to imbed on your blog site. Copy and paste, I dropped mine in under the blog roll - just a fluke but not a bad place. Good luck - the only flaw is thet it seems to start from the beginning each time you open it, I wish it would just pick up from where you left off good luck

FoxyMoron said...

I just saw to my shock that you had left a comment on my terribly mundane and boring blog. No one EVER comments on that thing! Thank you. And thanks for your advice re the kids picking up after themselves, you made a good point and the job list suggestion has me thoughtful now.
Nice to "meet" you! :)