Monday, July 30, 2007

Something a little different. I came accross these when I was away... they are each only short but worth it... from Austria ...down under!!!

Major Rudy on chemtrails
Major rudy on fluoride
Major Rudy on Depleted Uranium
Major Rudy on Torture and media lies

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cs said...

Hey MC:
I know people think this is wierd stuff,but we have been watching the very same trails up here and guess what? we all get sick with some sort of flu or nasal cold...REally! no fibbing...the gov is testing something out and has been for years. We can tell the difference between the jet trails...typical, but it's the waffle patterns, tic-tac-toe on purpose stuff and then the sky goes hazy with lines of brown like a heavy smog...and then in 2 days people start getting sick...