Thursday, July 19, 2007

Back Home
I arrived back home late on Monday. I went out to Wauchope (NSW and did a bit of doggie food (essential) shopping...bought a bunch of native flowers and went out to the beautiful cemetery at Wauchope. It really is beautiful. There are great whispering pines all about it and the sun just strobes gently between them. Out there there is a remarkable sense of peace and beauty... someone must have realised the incredible beauty of this place some time way back and those of us with relatives there appreciate the special feeling of the place. Of course I know Don is not there... I am not that stupid...but for me to go there with flowers, and to sit for a while and contemplate without phones ringing and all of that is good.

Then out to Beechwood (NSW) I know there is a Beechwood in Victoria...and here I found my lovely smiling big red kelpie, the very handsome Thorn...who had became enamoured or the two other kelpies the people had...but not only that he had spent a considerable amount of time pushing a big chubby black and white cat about the place with his nose... but still with all this excitement he was pleased to see me...

I am very fond of this doggie.

So I am back now. I do feel a bit stronger inside. Many tears shed with the much stuff others don't know about...silly internal family things...

I have begun to work on putting all that happened together...Don deserves that...there may be no justice on earth and we all acknowledge that... but to stop the movie reel inside our heads we are going to try to ensure that no other Quadriplegic is treated like the animal Don's so called "specialist" treated him as. And he did because we saw it and went through the days with him.

But apart from that I had a good time with the girls... Melissa was so sick...sick as a I left her with a big lamb stew..pearl barley, turnips, swedes, sweet potatoes, potatoes, pumpkin, peas, brussel sprouts about two kgs of diced lamb ( organic) lots of garlic...etc etc etc...and she ate that stew for about three days...she is better now so who knows...might have been mum's cooking or the echinachea or mega vit c....

At Alison's...I w as worried I may have brought the flu with me but not so. So we had a very relaxed time. The highlight of which was FREE! We spent an afternoon at the Art Museum near South Melbourne...It was just amazing. Ancient Egyptian, Sumerian, Greek, Roman stuff just so amazing..and then art from the 13th century down to today. I have to admit I lost interest after about 1900... sorry to all those who appreciate modern art. I do not.

We both went about going "wow!" and meaning it.

So back home now. My lovely Don is everywhere...and I can deal with how I feel. I know he is okay...not suffering...out of the shit so to speak...


Cazzie!!! said...

I am so glad you got to spend some quality time with your girls..and, as I can see from looking way back to the beginning of your blog, your time with Don and the girls has always seemed to be JUST that..always precious, never taken for it ought to be.
I am glad too that you have the lovely Thorn, animals understand and don't back chat and are perfect to cuddle up to aren't they?

cs said...

good to hear you are back friend ... your stew did the trick that's for sure, and your "wanderings" to the art gal.'s were perfect. Like you, I do not care for modernism. Yes, your wonderful Don is everywhere. Neat that you noticed that. :)

HUgs, and the Twinkies say hi to Thorn.

Pat said...

Welcome Home MC! Welcome home!

Anonymous said...

peace and love, MC. stroke that doggy for me.

mirk said...

Eloquent as always MC! Good to hear from you again :)

rosemary said...

Welcome back. Children and pets, the best healers of all time.

Ann ODyne said...

1. re Melissa: you would only be contagious in first 48 hours.
The cold germs are often transmitted from handling COINS - so always wash hands between shopping and
touching face or food.
2. re Alison: Pearl Barley - Very very good stuff.

3. I've forgotten 3rd thing. attention span of a canary. oh yes - 'cemetery' - it's a 'sense of place' and one needs quiet contemplation related specifically to the event, in order to heal the loss. and caring friends. xxx

BwcaBrownie said...

Message For Charlie
who comes by here with
'Profile Not Available' -
just want you to know
you are not forgotten.

MC - last weekend's Australian Health section had feature on how to deal with bad hospital practice.
apologies I should have come here with the link
Just go to online sections and click Health (have a glass of red first though)

Sling said...

Great to see you back MC!
No doubt Mum's stew was the haeling factor.

Jacqui said...

good to see you back on form MC.

Unknown said...

I agree with you on modern art. Well, most of it. SOME of it I do like, but most modern art is just....weird?