Saturday, June 30, 2007

Some excellent suggestions

as to how to go about getting my husband's records organised from


who said "A good friend of mine who is an attorney said to write everything down chronologically, in detail, and in plain English, as completely as possible. Then, tell someone the story, and have them read what you wrote to see if what you wrote matches what you've told them, then present that to the courts/powers that be/whomever. Don't worry about legalese, just plain English." Simple is always thanks to you all for your comments re the post where I mentioned I had Don's records...(also X rays Ct scans...he was having up to 3 Chest X rays a day at one its a bundle)

Don at about 3 when his parents worked on the Snowy Mountain scheme (Australia)


Wanna_B_slimmer said...

We'll be with you all the way... Take care.

Sling said...

Simple is best MC.
I've had to present my case before judges several times,and found them to be most sypathetic to a straightforward presentation of facts....Good Luck! :)

Anonymous said...

You may be helping others in this process or saving a life. Sounds like he would have done the same thing for you in a heartbeat - ms bella

Unknown said...

I'm glad my suggestion helped, MC, even if just to make you feel a bit less stressed. You know, we're all here for you!