Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A most amazing Man.

Today I was talking to a lady we know, who is a real estate agent we have learnt to trust...expecially Don.

Some months back in early 07 he called her out to value our house without telling me and I was upset when she turned up as I love this peaceful place we have chosen to live in. and the thought of selling it or even valuing it made me mad...

Today I told her that I knew Don was not sure he would live out this year (which does not excuse the malpracticeof the docs who had him in their so called care)...he just seemed to know and accept his time was short...

She told me she had been puzzled by his calling her out to value the house and realised what he was doing. As we are out of town, he had been trying in his own way to see if the house was worth enough should I need to sell and move back into town, because as she said "he did not want you to be lonely"...

and I am lonely...itis heartbreakingly lonely but would be as lonely in town as it is here and here I have the peace and thebirds and his quietness about me...

but what a guy...to be thinking of me and how I would be. I feel so touched and a bit ashamed that I did not twig what he was on about, because bastard... bastard...he was a rough diamond and would never tell me if he was doing something nice and soft...and sometimes I missed the clues.
This is a man who will go intoour local shopping centre (just after the girls left home) put on a blonde wig (like our eldest) and take her 'little red port' in - that little red port is a famibly joke - and make me pose with the youngest's favourite Teddy bear "Toby"...whack it on a christmas card and not worry that our more respectable neighbours might note us having our piccies taken with Santa...who mainly had 7 yr okds on his knee...this sort of thing was the normfor Don and it was always and constant... he only cared about the present for himself but was concerned about our future...al;lways. Are'nt I the lucky one to have been so blessed?


jin said...

I love reading these stories you tell...about him, about you...your lives together.

I also love the pictures you add.

I am listening...along with many others I'm sure. So, don't feel so lonely...just keep writing & I'll keep reading!

Ann ODyne said...

Dear TM - I come here for your always wonderful photos and I have to say that this one is the absolute best.
What A Guy indeed.

(You are NOT 'lonely' - you are MISSING him - there is a difference)
Much love as always, peace and love, B

JahTeh said...

B is right, you still need to be near the memories and the girls need to be able to come 'home'.

Cazzie!!! said...

That you are Therese, a very blessed lady to have had Don in your life. but, it works both ways, he was blessed to have had you in his life too.
I can see from the image there, Santa thought it was such a hoot to have a picture taken with the both of you, I bet he laughed his ass off!!!
Tell us about the red port? It looks like my suit case I had at school in grade prep, but mine was brown.
Huggs to you.. Carolyn :)

Lorraine said...

Blessed indeed. And we're blessed to have you sharing your stories like this with us. I wouldn't wish this sort of grief on anyone but I appreciate you letting us into the process.

Also, love love love the "After Dark" trees. How perfect.

mirk said...


Nice post and I think b hit the spot, "missing him," understandably.

rosemary said...

You and Don were both blessed in each other and your daughters. Do you realize just how short Don's life would have been had it not been for you and your care? You gave him that and he rightfully worried about you.

Harmony said...

He sounds like a fun, caring man and I'm sure you do miss him. You probably always will. Keep sharing what you feel and know that people in the blogosphere are a caring lot and will be along for the journey with you. Hopefully the company will easy the loneliness a little.

Jules said...

It will be natural to feel lonely but that is the place you made HOME together. You have a haven there and his spirit, in whatever way, shape or form you believe in, will be around you all the time.

I have a great feeling of knowing you from the way you so openly share yourself with us. You are one hell of an amazing woman!

Helen said...

It's Helen here (previously of Helen's Blog - evenmoreshenanigans.blogspot.com).

Just to let you know that I now have a new blog, a I deleted my old blog. My new address is

Speak to you soon!
Helen x

Anonymous said...

Blessed but not lucky, MC. You deserved each other, in the nicest possible way