Saturday, June 23, 2007

Okay Jacqui ...might lighten things up a bit for me to thing of the lighter side...

"Jacqui said...You have been tagged: 8 funny anecdotes or factoids about yourself."

1. On the day I was born (high summer air con nor even electric fans) my exhausted mum went to sleep feeding me, and I only survived when a nurse found me blue in the face... baptised me (fully revived and no brain damage (HM)...wonder did they revive me before they baptised me? can be short!

2. At nine after spending all the summer holidays in hospital with Pneumonia and released just as school started I faked being sick so successfully I was re hospitalised and only recovered (quickly too I might hurt) when they took out my tonsils which they said were poisoning my whole system ( easily fooled by a 9 yr old). An my poor mum never knew all our lives together what I had done...she was so grateful that they save my life.
Lesson...sorry mum but every kid has to have the summer holidays reimbursed if they lose them.

3. At 14 I was the first escapee from Lochinvar Boarding school to not get caught until they reached their destination. I made it home... some 100kms...but as I crossed the road, I could see the shadow of nun's veils on our front verandah. Mum was glad to see me anyway...I was alive (had hitchhiked) Dad was not so easily impressed.
Lesson... Why go to boarding school when there is a perfectly good school close by... home is good and kids need to live in their own homes if possible.

4. At 17 I found my self with mt feet dangling over a cliff at Mereweather Newcastle...over some relationship...can't remember what he looked like now. My dad had recently been killed and I was really down. The world was black and could see no future. What stopped me was thoughts of how this would devastate my mother who had already suffered too much. I met Don the next year and never looked back...never got that down again.
Lesson...There is always a light at the end of every tunnel...even now. And there are consequences of our every action which we have to consider. But also I know how my mind was working at that time and would never judge anyone because of it.

5. Might lose some mates here, but I believe in a Divine plan, not God as such...but a power for good which we are all part of. But part of that divine plan is that all sentient beings have free will, otherwise we are all just robots and there is no point at all. There is a point to life, and believe that what heaven is is knowledge of truth, without sloppy emotionalism or our own baggage cluttering the aisles. Works for me and is my own church...does no harm to anyone else.
Lesson... Shit happens... its not personal. And when it is its okay to get revenge...

6. Many times my husband and I...he in his electric wheelchair and me "disguised" with grey wig and old ladies shoes and clothes and his mum's old walking stick would print up flyers about whatever was annoying the shit out of us, and go all round the CBD sticking these under shop doors, on windows (no damage) and making sure people could not ignore what was going on... He would wait at the end of each street, because everyone knew who he was, and I would do the street and get more "supplies" off him at the end...what a hoot. Together we would do anything because "there were no rules".
Lesson...there are no rules as long as you tell truth and don't hurt anyone who doesn't deserve it.

7. No surprises here...some people think we were unlucky or unfortunate, because Don was so sick during our adult lives for so long... but we didn't think like that. We were lucky because we found each other, we found our two kids who are scarily like us, and in our little corner of the world we were complete. We didn't need to look outside for pleasures other that a trip to the TAB for him, and the bookstore for me... while we were together we knew we had found the only one ever for us. How lucky is that? After Don died a woman said to me "You must be so relieved"... and another "You are a free woman now" Free from what?
Lesson... you can never know what other people's lives are like... we too often assume too easily.

8. Almost forgot... the "system" by which our world works is buggered... too many bureaucrats in bed with corporations pretending they are doing it all for us.
Lesson... when we finally acknowledge how bad they really are...then maybe we can begin to change person at a time... not too sure I still believe that either.

Thanks stopped me from cleaning out our shed... there's rats down there...big ones from out of the creek...redbacks also


Sling said...

I believe there is a divine plan as well MC.
Only because,during the more than half century I've been around, I've seen it in action.

JahTeh said...

I've heard that 'I'm free' expression quite a few times and I've never seen it turn out well.

Jacqui said...

I cannot believe that people could have been as thoughtless as that. Wow, I hope the person who eventually looks after them in old age, doesn't have that attitude but that is what they deserve.

I don't believe in God in the Bible sense either but I can't be like my husband who believes its all serendipity. However, I do believe we are masters of our own lives but confused about all the after life thing. It hard to believe that once you are dead that its but the rational mind tells you that is it.

However, I suppose if you view your afterlife as the people you loved and touched who continue to think of you as they do a action or thing, then that is afterlife. They in turn will touch or love someone who will continue that process and so your life continues on.

Thanks for writing the eight things. Hope you have tagged some people as well.

Dan said...

Lesson... you can never know what other people's lives are like... we too often assume too easily.

Gosh, isn't that the truth MC! And we make ourselves miserable much of the time because we assume that others have it much easier than we do. But like the swan who glides effortlessly across the pond ... if we took the time to look under the surface, we would see that she's paddling like hell.

Hugs my friend, for you and your daughters.

cs said...

What's this tag biz all about? I like your answers though. God, diving power, mysterious one--all the same to me and much much more powerful than I that's for sure. Just don't really feel connected to Him somedays, and others, so very close. (hormones ha!)

Today we psuh soem dirt around one the tractor to clean up for the summer. You getting colder down there? Fall weather in yet? Thanks for visiting. Hugs friend.

Harmony said...

Wow what a full and eventful life you have had. Best of all you found the one you were meant to share your life with in Don and not many of us can say that in all certainty.

I loved Dan's analogy about the swan. Things are very often not as they seem on the surface and no one really knows what goes on in the lives of others.

Now watch out for those rats and redbacks when you do get round to cleaning the shed. Ewww, makes me shudder to think about it.

Ann ODyne said...

I loved No 3 !

Cazzie!!! said...

Ewww, redbacks, I hate them!! aside from that,I loved reading this post Therese :)

Cazzie!!! said...

After Don died a woman said to me "You must be so relieved"... and another "You are a free woman now" Free from what?

Free to smirk at them and walk away, because they dunno shit from clay

Middle Child said...

Still laughing Cazzie about not knowing "shit from clay" brilliant.

Unknown said...

MC - I would have slapped the snot out of those women! What a horrible thing to say. I agree with cazzie - "they don't know shit from clay". Or as my husband says "they're dumb as a wedge". I too believe in a Divine plan, but I don't push my beliefs on others. I agree - we have free will. We can muck up the plan by being selfish, intolerant, and stupid, or we can help the plan succeed by caring, loving, giving, accepting...

I'd have loved to have seen you in your disguise sticking up flyers. Must have been a hoot!

Glad to see you back, MC. I've missed you. Hugs!