Thursday, June 07, 2007

It rained today.

The two "After Dark" trees were planted for Don, Tuesday and it began to gently rain Wednesday with follow up today...we have not had rain for ages.
Bear with me for a short while...okay. I have been looking through old photos from the 1970's and found some really wonderful ones. A time for some of you bloggers,...when you were just babies...and a time for the rest of us when we were young. If you had someone to love in the '70's who loved did not matter if you had a new cot, nor security, or if your car was a bit old. We didn't have a telephone...but we had kids and each other and it was wonderful...and you know what, apart from the usual "adjustment" issues when two pepople from different families try to merge...I remember thinking most of the time how happy and lucky I was...but t'was always a happy little vegemite...
and I was very lucky. It may hurt like hell as it does now, but it only hurts like hell because we loved. And thet really is all there is.


Cazzie!!! said...

Such wonderful candid words. Yes, I was born in 1971. My mum and dad had four of us, a big family just like I have now.
We lived way out of town, surrounded by paddocks and sheep and horses and little quails that lived in nests on the ground so that when you rode your horse, they would scurry in a hurry and make the horse shy and the rider squeel as we bolted about the field.
We used to go mushrooming around April (I think ti was that time of the year) and get bucket loads of them, as big as a plate..yumm m with butter on them too.
We used to nick off in our gum boots and look for tad poles after a light rain, dad being as excited as we were when we found some.
Yabbying was fun too. The amount of time we spent outdoors together as a family was great.
Yes, the 70's, without the trimmings was great, because we were family.
Thanks for reminding me of great times, I loved it when I was a kid, because THEN I had my family around me.

A thought about the rain that came after you planted the trees, "Blessed is the soul that the rain falls on". Yep, that's what my nanna always said, she was taught by the sister's of mercy in the Kenmore Girls Home.
Huggs to you.

Andrew said...

Very moving. I have been with my partner for nearly thirty years and I cannot possibly imagine what life would be like without him. I suppose you having children is some consolation. There are good reasons to fight and go on, however sad.

Citymouse said...

i have been reading quietly with little to say. All i can do is let you know-- even though we dont know eachother personally, I care deeply and am moved. Thank you for sharing your life-- and Don's-- with us.

Unknown said...

What a terrific photo! The 70's were a great time, weren't they? That photo of Don and your kiddo reminds me of me and my first husband. We were so poor, but it didn't matter one whit. We were in love and happy and made the best of things. We had tons of animals - no kids - a couple of old cars, and a lot of love. But we were young, and struggled, and sadly, it didn't last. You and Don are a marvel, really. So many people don't survive those first, difficult years. You two clearly were meant to be - and that's why it hurts so much. Yes, that's really all there is, isn't it?

mirk said...

That's one of the problems with society today they want all the monetary things before they have kids then spoil the kids.

Nothing wrong with and old car etc, etc makes you stronger.

Harmony said...

Your memories may hurt a lot right now but when that lessens they will give you comfort for the rest of your life. No-one can ever take those away from you and I'm glad that you had so many wonderful years with Don. Thankyou for sharing and helping us all see what is really important. Sunshine will soon follow the rain.

Sling said...

My baby girl was born in 1976.
We had just bought our first house,a 3 bedroom,and I was working as a carpet layer for $3.50 an hour.Our entertainment center was made from cinder blocks and 2x12 planks...We were on top of the world!

rosemary said...

By the 70's I had been married twice, divorced twice and had 3 kids...I had nothing material but those kids were and are my world. you knew what was important.

Ann ODyne said...

John Meillon was fantastic in anything he did.
'After Dark' indeed.

Those two trees will grow beautifully and represent Don's spirit perfectly.

I loved The Aunty Jack Show too ..
(and I only saw it straight !)
do you remember:
"... and all all all the little animals,
they were cry cry crying for the love of you Tarzan.
Tarzan, he was an ape to me"
Kev Kavannah, Artist In Meat" - see this chop in the shape of South America?

gentle humour much preferable to all the nasty spiteful stuff around these days.

much love to you, B

Jules said...

That photo brought childhood memories flooding back to me. I was born in 75 and I love the fact that old dunga cars were the norm and parties were the norm and although my parents still had to work hard to pay the bills and put food on the table they didn't have a thousand offers of interest free hire purchases thrown their way. We ate sausages for tea and had a drink of coke once every two months or so. We ate real butter on white bread, we had homebaked cookies and fruit in our lunches. And surprise surprise, none of us were overweight. A fat kid at school was the exception not the norm. Funny how now there is so much on the market that is "lite" and "fat free" and we all eat boiled chemical margarines that have NO Cholesterol, yet there are thousands of us overweight.

I really should get down off my soapbox. I had a great childhood, grew up under powerlines and loved every minute of it, even the smacked bums that are now illegal in our country, helped to shape me as the person I am now.

Love that photo so much!!

R.H. said...

What a marvellous bloke he was, you can see his affection for you all in every photo, and the love he received in return.

Gone to heaven, definitely.

Keshi said...

how very true. couldnt have said it any better myself. Love it is!

***Big Hugs***