Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Unbound Press arrives!!

I have just received my copy of Charlie and Nicki and Amy's book of short stories and poetry and art... most of you would know of Charlie and Nicki and Amy, but if not here are there blogsites

Charlie Taylor’s blog…not visiting that much these days
Nicki Taylor’s
Amy’s blog

These three are responsible for the book Unbound Press which can be found at this blog site

They are looking for submissions for the next and next and next books they produce…so have a look at the submission guide in the unbound press site…

And go for it.
I know but don’t really know how much time and effort they have put into what they pulled off with this book

So CONGRATULATIONS Ay, Nicki and Charlie and congratulations to all the writers who feature in the first “Unbound Press”


Steven said...

Interesting...very interesting.


Sling said...

I received my copy a few weeks ago..I'm lovin' it!
Charlie hasn't been home for a bit,but I still check his blog every day.

Cazzie!!! said...

Sounds very special indeed :)

jin said...

I got mine a few weeks ago, too!
Unfortunately, I've only had time to read a bit of it. I never seem to have time to read anymore?!