Sunday, February 25, 2007

U.S. people should not apologise....or feel shame...ever... okay!

Recently I have had a few friends from the U.S of A. apologise or say they feel ashamed about the way the Government is heading re Iraq, Iran and just all over.

I need to say here that not one of us from Australia, the UK, Europe Patagonia or even new Zealand expects shame or apology.

The way the Order is structured worldwide these days Government is ruled totally by corporations... money men the super rich and powerful who have no conscience at all.

The ordinary people of iraq who are being abused are no more responsible for the regieme of Saddam Hussein than people in Britian are responsible for the regieme of Blair and co. or Austarlians for Howard, pr the U'S' for Bush and cronies.

It does not matter who is in government these days. It is a joke here that when a new government is elected say Labour...they can promise the world but within weeks of election "the leaders are off to Wall Street and the offices of the World bank and are "advised " of what they can do and what they can't and few disagree... life is short!

Ghandi for all his faults ( he was notoriously unfaithful as a husband) had the right idea...non compliance and disconnection from the system... non co operation..dissembling...but enough have to act this way to make the New World order defunct and therein lies the problem...

they rule by fear and the fear of terror, of poverty, of sickness of isolation etc etc...

People of the U.S. are no more to blame and should feel no shame at Charlie said once when I sent in some old photos "We are them... they are us."

We are all the family of man.

Most of us are good people...a little bit slack at times, forgetful, lustful, greedy etc etc...but at our level we are chicken shit compared to the monsters who run the governments of this world...

I have more in common with the ordinary people if iraq, iran, Israel, Mexico, Canada, Australia, the USA wherever than I do with the smiling ghouls who stride the world stage and to who we give our allegiance.


Unknown said...

HI MC: I love living in the US. I also enjoy traveling to other countries, but my home is in the great northwest, which is now covered again in beautiful white snow. However, both my hubby and I have washed our hands of the politics up here, and elsewhere for that matter. It is all a big fat lie and the papers or media will never give you the complete, or even a fragment of the truth. They can't! Opinions fly everywhere and we just let them fly. No matter what we vote in, or who we vote out, it has not made 1 bit of a difference the past few decades.

Having been in the US Navy for 8 years, and coming from a military family, I will always support the actual troops, but I do not support our President 1 bit. Sadly we think he has gone cookoo. And the upcoming prospects are even worse! I hear about other leaders around the world and they are the same, so who cares??! My leader is of a higher source and He I am pleased in to do service. The 1 world order will be upon us soon enough and all the leaders will be congregated into the UN, and they will make all the worldly decisions, none of course based on hunger, disease or humane relief. They do most of it now anyway. Only privatized groups or individuals will still the ones helping and giving.

Our wordly society is changing before our eyes and all we can do is hold our own ground on our little postage stamp piece of land.

We watch the elk, the moose, the deer, graze and wander across our property and hold onto that as best we can. I let the city folk pull their hair out with all the political craze. And we pray every day for God to send our guys back home.....alive!

Blessings friend, and enjoy the day, every minute of it---our little world is the best right now.

mirk said...

Great post Mc well said no need for them to apologize.

When they talk about who is actually ruling us ie the money men there is all that debate about the secret messages hidden in the $1 bill (USA)

Middle Child said...

Thanks CS great to hear from you again

Mirk maybe the secret message in the dollar bill (apart from the all seeing eye) is that its got nothing real behind it... that bit of paper feeds do, the earth does etc et

Sling said...

WHEW!...Thanks for understaning.
Every 4 years we get the opportunity to fire our idiot president,and hire a new idiot president..

Middle Child said...

Sling...I was genuine...I get really pissed off when my Kiwi Brother in law makes disparaging remarks about the Australian Government and why aren't we doing anything about it... which must be minimal as to what you guys must put up with.

Grish said...

Well said and aprecaited. I wish that I could do something about it but alas it seems impossible...

nice post..

rosemary said...

Right on, right on, right on....thank gawd we can vote again next year....but before then we will have to endure the bull shit that politicians spread when they want to win. I am sorry however....GW is a pompous ass most days.

Sara said...

Aw, thanks MC. The leaders of my country are kinda like embarassing family members; while it's clearly not my fault that Grandma drank the better part of a bottle of Scotch and then yelled at the neighboring restaurant patrons, I still feel the need to offer some sort of apology, seeing as we're related and were sitting at the same table.

Also, I notice the reaction on foreigners' faces when I first speak - it's one of distaste. And why shouldn't it be? Every American they hear on the news is pretty distasteful themselves. But I notice it and want to add, "I'M NOT LIKE THEM! I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THOSE PEOPLE!" But then they'd probably think I was crazy.

I've also had the experience of being spit on and at while in Korea, simply for being American. I love Korea and would dearly love to visit again, but boy is it an experience to be there as a GI. I've also had wonderful conversations with anti-American protesters - some people are able to understand that it's the government that's the problem, not necessarily the individuals.

In any case, thanks for the reassurance!

Steven said...

I didn't vote for the guy.

Of course...I didn't vote at ;)


Citymouse said...

the swiss son-- and many other exchange students I have talked to were very suprized that we normal people in the US are not in agreement with our government. It is the one thing they will all take back home with them... I am glad some other people in the world already know!

BwcaBrownie said...

Hear Hear!

I would hate anybody outside Australia to think that any of John Howard's decisions reflected my own personal opinions; so I certainly don't hold the actions of the US Govt against any individual US citizens.