Monday, January 01, 2007

And a successful morning's shopping was had as I planned on how cheaply I could entertain my two visiting sisters while we waited for Don (husband) to turn up at a coffee shop... at 11.30AM!

Younger sister hit the shops and collected gossip magazines with which to while away the long warm afternoons at our place, but these were read while we were waiting for Don to turn up at 11.30am

Eldest sister older than me!!! : ) tee hee... even got time to go back into the big shopping entre and buy socks for her beloved son ... find a tourist information shop, and using her photographic memory, memorise all the shopping centres hereabouts...and still Don did not turn up at 11.30am.

He did not turn up at 12.30pm, when we ordered lunch.

He did not turn up at 1,30pm when we finally had to leave before the circulation was cut off from our legs.

After searching town and hoping he had not been clobbered by a car, of fallen out of his wheelchair we had to drive back home only to be followed down the driveway by the big toyota taxi.

The driver had the biggest grin on his face and Don was all sheepish in the back...he had forgotten WHICH coffee shop...a likely excuse. He was loaded up with shopping bags and old tab tickets...HMMMM and quite hungry which he deserved.

And he got all his shopping carried inside by his own personal servant... well I never... then it was time to break out the quality Chardonnay and a good time was had by all... or thereabouts!

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Anonymous said...

well done, don. we men need a little independence from those womenfolk! cunning stuff.