Saturday, January 06, 2007

And here he is in his full glory...Fang Mackay ...lucky to be alive Fang Mackay.
He who falls out of wheelchairs daring his loyal wife (moi) to catch him and lift him aloft...sounds easy peasy in the movies... not so in real life...he went down like a bag of lead peas and just as easy to pick up ... not!

but can't be too hard on him tonight... just glad to still have him in one piece
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Sling said...

Way cool artwork!..Glad "Fang" is doin' okay :)

Middle Child said...

He's okay..confidence a bit shaken but rather pleased with the handsome painting of him : )

Next week he finally gets his teeth... he'll be too bloody handsome and vain as a rooster

Anonymous said...

What a boy, what a boy!!!