Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Again! The post before this about the so called "good old days" was not sent by me. I don't post this sort of stuff...and wouldn't if I did like this sort of material because it is not relevant to Australia...it is only relevant to the US. I don't know what is going on or why but someone is putting material on my blog, although I have changed the password... its got me beat who would be that bored and boring to waste their time to do this, so as before if anything appears here which appears out of character, or whatever ...

It was posted at 8.42 pm but at that time we were both in another part of the house...and no one else at home.

it just makes me bloody angry and thats probably the intention of whoever is doing this.


mirk said...

This must be strange and very worrying for you !! It would me!

Sling said...

You can delete these things by going to 'Edit Posts'...but you probably know that.
This just sux MC..I had my site jacked by a porn site,and had to start all over with a new blog..