Sunday, March 14, 2010

Some more views about the plac

- I recently bought this little table and chairs from a restaurant which was changing decor - for some reason when I sit out here as soon as I do its as if a wave of blessed peace falls about me...everytime.

Looking back up - it all takes a lot of work - and I know one day I will be forced financially to say goodbye to it - but for now our home is like a haven from what sometimes seems to be a world gone mad.

My mulberry trees are just beginning to drop leaves - as the earth spins around the sun and we start slowly to cool down - down under - or are we really on top - just because the globe is always shown with the North Pole up what we consider the top - I somehow think that that matters not a jot out there in the solar system...we may well be on top.

I will now feel easier about sitting down there, as it cools - just days ago I got a slasher in to do the paddock - he killed 2 red bellied (large ones) when he ran over them in the long grass...In the summer heat I tend to be very watchful when I walk about.

Some more of the Rainbow Lorikeets
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Andrew said...

You really do have a nice garden. Was that the sliding door that got new rollers?

Anonymous said...

How beautiful Therese, and that surely is Heaven :)