Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day
The first one doesn't have film but its brilliant - its the Chieftains and the Stones -On the Rocky Road to Dublin - I think the Chieftains outplayed the Stones in the end...its great

Don't know why the woolie jumpers were all the go - must be a bit chilly...its a "look" that doesn't interfere with the singing

And this is amazing - all these people playing live music just for the love of it - thats something else.

My eldest Melissa and her Husband are in the Rocks area of Sydney today and would be right in the heart of the Australian celebrations - Having descended from Flanagans, Butlers, McGoldricks and the like - this day is for me a sort of triumph of survival - no matter what was thrown at the Irish throughout over 800 - yes 800 years of occupation - wherever they went the spirit grew in them and now millions of people celebrate, worldwide (many with no Irish ancestry)the survival of that culture, and its music and of the Celtic way which is in so many of us - Ah must be time for a little drinkee by now -
Actually I think the whole world has Irish Ancestry - they were always thorough and successful in following the Pope's orders to get out there and procreate - by God


Andrew said...

While I stress so far as I know, I don't have any Irish blood. I expect you would have been at the barricades. It will be a crazy night at The Rocks. Btw, St Kilda cafs and restaurants survive because of Irish backpackers working for some money. Salute, cheers and bottoms up.

BwcaBrownie said...

(brag: I've met The Chieftains)

Mom said...

An Irish Blessing... May you always have... Walls for the winds... A roof for the rain... Tea beside the fire... Laughter to cheer you... Those you love near you... And all your heart might desire.

Middle Child said...

Andrew - I know I would have been at the barricades - but would have known when to run as well - we are great survivors!

BWCA - Sigh lucky you - I have seen them but not met them...

Mom, thank you - thats a beautiful blessing

Anonymous said...

Exciting times! I hail from Peppers and Currell's...Irish names fer sure fer sure :)

Sling said...

Oh how I love the Chieftains!
I've scoured the internet for anything of theirs playing with James Gallway,to no avail..It was a favorite album of mine that went gone many years ago.
Happy St. Pat's day Therese,from your German/Scotch/Irish/American cousin! ;)