Thursday, March 11, 2010

Remember Peter Spencer,
the man who spent 52 days up the wind tower on a hunger strike, trying to get the NSW Government to deal fairly with him and hundreds of other Australian farmers. He came to Wauchope recently and I was able to video his talk. All Australians need to listen to him as he speaks not just for farmers but for any one who imagines that they have title deed rights to their property. Its in four parts.


Ann ODyne said...

we all know farmers have to pay for rain that falls on their property, but oh dear the suburbanites don't all realise that their water supplier has the right in law to enter their house and property at any time at all. This may have been tolerable when water authorities were all government, but now they are private enterprise it stinks.
'Freedom' is just another word for 'nothing left to lose'.

Middle Child said...

Its just getting ridiculous - NSW Gov is trying to force through a law that they can compulsorily acquire your urban property for re sale to developers if it is close to trains and buses...duh!!!thats half the city...they say its to encourage denser what cost to peoples' lives